Why Infinity Scarves?

I love scarves! Great accessory to add color and flair to an outfit! (I hate boring) Easily dresses up a casual t-shirt outfit. I love casual, but don’t wish to look like a slob! Putting a favorite scarf on and a little lipstick as you go out the door makes you look and feel put together.

What I hated about scarves….stains from eating and drinking! Never fails… I am enjoying a great Italian dinner or some salsa and chips and BAM stain on my scarf! I swear my scarves are a stain magnet. They are also usually some delicate dry clean fabric. I wash or dry clean and they are never the same. I never tie them right. Which is a real pain on the water, flopping all over, falling off, and not quite keeping my neck warm. I don’t want a heavy winter scarf.

Katelyn (our beautiful model) and I discover that infinity scarves worked great. No tying. Always look neat. Plus you can pull over your head and use as an instant hat to cover your ears while your neck is still covered. But the stain/laundry problem still existed. So I experimented with jersey knit (t-shirt) fabric. PROBLEM SOLVED!

We loved the feel of the jersey knit! Super soft, launder great, and all the fun design options! I hope you will give our infinity scarves a try and love them as much as we do! We are always open to new ideas and suggestions…please share your thoughts with us! You can also contact us for special orders or volume discounts.

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Happy Wearing!